Man, I Don’t Really Feel Like A Woman

Being treated like a girl when I was nine meant being the only one in the class who needed to wear a bra and hearing the boys make comments about it every day.

Being treated like a girl when I was ten meant having to carry a sanitary towel in my schoolbag in case my first period started at school and being terrified that anyone would see it and think I was dirty.

Being treated like a girl when I was eleven meant vowing never to run in public again after relentless comments from men, women, boys and girls about the way my breasts moved when I did.

Being treated like a girl when I was twelve meant going to the temple with my church and not being allowed to perform certain rituals because I was menstruating.

Being treated like a girl when I was thirteen meant getting fucked in the back seat of a Ford Fiesta by a man who was old enough to drive it and vote.

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You’re Freer Than You Think

When I was in high school, I pretty much refused to do P.E. I hated it. Everything about it. I didn’t like getting changed with the other girls because I was tall and awkward and thirty pounds overweight. Plus they all called me a dyke and would scream and accuse me of perving at them when they took off their shirts. I hated running around and getting sweaty and then not having enough time for a shower before I had to go to French. There was pretty much almost nothing I liked about Physical Education.

Anyway, most of the time I would go to my P.E. class and tell the teacher I’d forgotten my gym kit. They would tut and sigh and send me to sit out the lesson on the bench; sometimes with a punishment exercise, sometimes without. After a while, the teachers got sick of me forgetting my kit so I was sent to see my Head of Year. He had a long conversation with me about how important my education was and how Physical Education was a compulsory part of the curriculum. He said I wouldn’t be able to turn up at Maths every lesson without my textbook and calculator and P.E. was no different. If I didn’t attend my lessons fully prepared, I’d be subject to disciplinary action.

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It’s Time

I am finished with this blog for now. My  life has taken on a new direction and internet radical feminism no longer fits. My politics have not changed but how I want to live my politics has. I want to thank everyone who’s taken part in discussion on this blog and to also thank the women who inspired me to create it. You know who you are.

No Answers Only Questions

There is a common thread that runs among the “trans women are women but not female” crowd. This group is mostly composed of nice, white, liberal, middle-class-ish, lady bloggers and journalists who will not accept that the penis of a trans woman is a female penis but who will concede that a man with a penis can be a woman because woman is gender and genitals is sex. These women are often called TERFs by the more wacko trans activists because they believe that sex is immutable and cannot be changed even though they’re willing to concede that there are male women and female men. These women will often say that they accept trans women as women if they “present as women” or they are “read as women.”

UntitledThis argument that you become a woman by presenting yourself as a woman and being perceived as womanly by others is sexist to its very core. It’s saying that womanhood is nothing more than femininity and that women who abstain from feminine beauty practices and behaviours are less womanly than men who adhere to them. It’s also just not a justifiable statement because it depends on so many variables. If we’re going to assert that is a person is a woman simply by virtue of presenting themselves as a woman and being perceived as a woman, that is the same thing as saying, “you are not the thing that you are; you are the perception people have of you.” And that is just demonstrably untrue. Butch lesbians are read as male all the fucking time yet their actual femaleness; their physical sex – the thing that makes them a woman – is clearly verifiable.

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On MichFest and Women Only Space

It’s still almost five months away but the yearly online backlash against Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival has begun in earnest. Yesterday one of the confirmed acts, Hunter Valentine, announced that they would be pulling out due to the festival’s female-only policy.

UntitledHunter Valentine are a band full of vagina-having, vagina-loving lesbians. I know this because I saw some of them having vaginas and loving vaginas when they were on The Real L Word and it was pretty explicit and kind of gross. I’m willing to bet everything I own that every single one of those ladies knows the difference between a vagina and a penis.

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If Sex Work Was Work

If sex work is just work then UK and EU labour laws should apply, right?

So, in Scotland, the age of consent is sixteen years old. The national minimum wage for a sixteen year old is £3.72 per hour. Young workers – that is sixteen and seventeen year olds – are legally entitled to a 30 minute break for every 4.5 hours worked and they must have a daily rest period of twelve hours. If, however, there isn’t a worker over the age of 18 available who can do the work, and if the work is seen to be both temporary and urgent, these legal entitlements can be revoked.

So, what could potentially happen here in Scotland if sex work really was just work, is that you could have a sixteen year old girl who leaves school and gains employment in a brothel. Almost all of her co-workers are sixteen and seventeen year old girls and they are being paid £3.72 per hour. There’s rarely women around who are over the age of eighteen because the ‘manager’ usually finds some way of sacking them once he has to start paying them more. Since age is a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act and it’s illegal for an employer to fire an employee due to their age, there will likely be accusations of ‘poor service’ as an excuse to terminate contracts.The young workers will be required to do long shifts with no breaks in the face of so many men’s temporary and urgent need to ejaculate into teenage girls.

The manager charges ‘clients’ £50 for 30 minutes of time with a girl of his choosing so the girls only actually see 3.72% of the money that buys her consent. She could be working 48 hour weeks with no breaks and her payslip will read a disappointing £178. At her busiest times, she’ll receive £1.86 for every man who ejaculates into her or on her.

Alternatively, a sixteen year old school leaver could apply for a pornography apprenticeship. In Scotland, a sixteen year old may consent to sex but she may not consent to being videotaped having sex and the footage being distributed. As an apprentice, she will be instructed in the art of performance sex with brothel clients being the benefactors of the training sessions. She will learn how to make her cries of pain sound enough like squeals of pleasure to pass muster. She will learn how to look delighted instead of repulsed when a man old enough to be her father ejaculates on her face. There will be modules on gang bangs, girl on girl, orgy etiquette, and personal grooming. In the second year of the apprenticeship, girls will have the option to specialize in a fetish such as BDSM or double anal fisting. At eighteen, she will be ready to go into the world of pornography and equipped for the most extreme scenarios. At sixteen and seventeen, however, she will be paid the legal minimum wage for apprentices which is £2.68 per hour. She will work 10 hours a day, five days a week, and come away with just under £130 in her pocket at the end of it.

If this sounds ludicrous to you then you know that sex work is not work.

Women have the right to find gainful employment which does not involve having their body used as a masturbatory receptacle. Sex work is not just work.

There Is Something Wrong With You

Dr Pamela Stephenson is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating sexual disorders. You would think that would mean she spends her time counseling men who like to fuck cheese and things of that nature but what Dr Stephenson actually does is write a weekly sex advice column in The Guardian where she spends most of her time trying to persuade women to lie back and think of England when they express feelings of not wanting to be fucked.

Today, a woman wrote to Dr Stephenson saying that after she has sex with a man, whether it’s a casual fling or a serious relationship, she feels disgust towards him. She states that these feelings “fade into the background” if she’s dating the man for a long time but they never fully go away. So this woman spends her relationships having sex with men who disgust her.

I’m not a sex therapist but I’ve been around the block a couple of times and my advice to this woman would be, “stop having sex with men.” The disgust you feel is legitimate. It’s perfectly ok to not want to have sex with men.

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The (Re) Branding of Radical Feminism

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I’m a fan of analogies. I’m not always very good at them but as an illustrative tool, I find them useful and fun. I’m going to use one now.

Imagine you have someone who’s been a Libertarian for most of their life. One day, this person happens upon some people talking about Socialism in an online discussion forum. At first, the Libertarian doesn’t like the Socialists. He doesn’t understand them. This is a completely new idea that he’s never been exposed to before and is contrary to pretty much everything he’s ever been taught. ‘These Socialists must be mad!’ he thinks. But something compels the Libertarian to keep looking and, over time, he starts to see that the Socialists are making sense about a lot of things.

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Guest Post by Regi Murphy

A man named Regi Murphy from Lexington, Massachusetts has some very important things to say. He wrote almost 2,300 words as a comment on one of my posts and since it took him all that time and effort, I thought I would give him a guest spot on my blog so he can be seen by the masses. Here’s Regi:


And now I present to you, Regi’s very important thoughts, entirely unedited:

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Let Me Slip Into Something A Little Less Comfortable

In our world, “sex” means fucking. It means a man inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina until he ejaculates. After the man ejaculates, the sex is finished. Anything that precedes the man putting his penis into the woman’s vagina is referred to as “foreplay” and anything that happens after the man has ejaculated and is no longer physically able to penetrate the woman with his penis, is “afterplay.” So, for women, “having sex” is being vaginally penetrated by a man’s penis. Women are expected to “have sex” – or PIV – throughout most of their lives and aren’t really offered any alternatives. If they want to be in a relationship with a man, that man is going to expect sex and PIV is sex.

It is in this context that girls grow up so… let’s talk about sex.

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