This is Male Violence


Hi, I’m going to kick your cissy ass!

This is Fallon Fox, a now-professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. Despite his feminine hairdo, silicone-filled breasts, plucked-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives eyebrows, and the fact that he is in the women’s division of MMA, Fallon Fox is a guy. He had a “sex change operation” in 2006, so he’s a guy without a penis, but he is a guy nonetheless. With five wins and not a single loss under his belt, Fallon Fox makes his living beating the crap out of women. You know, the real kind of women – females.

This guy concealed the fact that he was a guy in order to compete against women in the women’s division. (In case anyone is unsure, combat sports are segregated by sex, not gender, and there are pretty good, science-based reasons for that.) The women he fought had no idea he was actually a man. Recently, Fallon Fox outed himself as transgender. The wording on this article is a little ambiguous. Fox is not a “female transgender”, he is a man who thinks he is a woman. Rightly, the Boxing Commission are currently reviewing his license.

I was discussing this earlier with a friend of mine, a fellow MMA enthusiast. When I mentioned that Fox had won all of his fights in the first round, his most recent a TKO in the first 39 seconds, he said, “Yes, but Ronda Rousey has a similar record. That doesn’t mean anything.”

Let’s look at Ronda Rousey.


Arm Bar Queen

Ronda Rousey is a woman. A female woman, not a man who thinks he is a woman. She is an Olympic athlete with a bronze medal in Judo. Rousey’s mother was also a judoka and also an Olympic medal winner. She’s been trained for combat from girlhood. I once watched an interview where she revealed that her mother would come into her room while she was sleeping, and start yelling, “Always be prepared!” while trying to get her into an arm bar. Whether or not that’s child abuse is a topic for another post; one that will not be written by me.

She has never lost a fight in her career to date and became the first female champion of the UFC after defeating Liz Carmouche. That fight was tough for me! I’ve been following Ronda’s career for a while and I think she’s spectacular  but Liz is a really cute lesbian who seems really nice and she gave Ronda a pretty good run for her money so, you know…. Anyway, Ronda Rousey has won all her fights in the first round by arm bar. She’s kind of a big deal. The point is, she’s worked her ass off since she was a little girl to be in the position she is now. She didn’t just waltz in all hopped up on magic gender juice, with muscles that had been through a male, testosterone-heavy puberty, and start kicking the shit out of women.

Fallon Fox is 36 years old. That’s ten years older than Rousey. He has just begun his professional career. If he was female, in MMA terms, he should be starting to put together his retirement fund. It is almost unheard of for women to beging their professional MMA career in their thirties and if they do, they certainly don’t have a win streak like Fox’s. Hell, it’s unusual to even see women in their late thirties compete. Because of his male strength, Fox could potentially have a ten year career of beating up women. It’s not unusual at all to see men in their late thirties and forties in the cage. Fox is one of them.

One of Fox’s “opponents” was Alyssa Vasquez. Vasquez signed on to fight what she thought was a woman, knowing only Fox’s fight record (2-0 at the time) and his name. Of the fight Vasquez said, “I have fought some amazing women in the cage, but I can honestly say she was the fastest and strongest fighter I’ve ever faced.” After she learned of Fox’s biological sex, Vasquez, understandably, says she felt like she had been treated unfairly. When asked if she would have accepted the fight had she known Fox’s true sex, she said no, she wouldn’t and that she was considering appealing to have the fight either taken off her record completely or deemed “no-contest”.

MMA is a combat sport. It’s dangerous. People get seriously hurt. Even non-contact sports are segregated by sex. Men don’t play on women’s cricket teams, basketball teams, baseball teams etc. Semi-contact and full contact sports are regulated in the same way. Ditto to the Olympic Games (remember Caster Semenya?) and virtually every single other professional sports body.

If we start letting men fight in the women’s division of  any combat sport, but we won’t let little girls play on school football teams because they’re for boys, or let them play on boys’ basketball teams, or, in some cases, don’t let them play sport at all, that means we are saying, as a society, “It is ok for a male opponent to kick the shit out of a female opponent in the context of a sporting event but it is not ok for females to think they could ever play on the same team as a male.”

Women are for fucking, fucking over, and fucking up. We are not men’s comrades. We are, at best, their subordinates and, at worst, their enemy. We may compete against them, but never alongside them.

Just to make that clear, here is a picture of Fallon Fox, a man, being paid to knee a woman in the face.


This is Male Violence against Women

If it is decided that Fox is no longer allowed to kick the shit out of women under the guise of a ‘sporting event’, it’s likely he will claim he is being discriminated against on the grounds of gender identity.

Here is a picture of a Saudi Arabian woman who has to wear a full niqab even while swimming.


Does anyone really think this woman would be able to go swimming dressed like the men in this picture and contest her public stoning on the grounds that she feels like a man on the inside?

Fallon Fox is a man. If he wants to compete in MMA, he needs to fight men. If he’s too scared to do that (I wouldn’t blame him; you’d never catch me in an octagon) then he needs to do something else with his life.

Fallon, if you’re reading this, I think Jose Aldo needs taken down a peg. Or are you chicken?


Current Men’s Featherweight Champ UFC

27 thoughts on “This is Male Violence

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  2. You’re both ignorant and a bigot. If she, and I stress, she, had a sex change, then she is legally a woman – her sex is now legally female.

    Might there be differences between geneitc women and transitioned women in strength? That may be possible and it would be something to look into. I can guarantee you that part of the transition includes taking hormones that would drop muscle mass, so she wouldn’t be on par with male athletes either.

    However, the very tone of this article tells me that you are a bigot, and you have the nerve to bury it in the framework of feminism. You are, frankly, a horrible human being to conflate a movement that says it is okay to be feminine with the stance that it is not alright to be feminine. To take a movement that is about removing gender stereotypes and make it about reinforcing them. You are no feminist, ma’am, you are a chauvinist.


    • Normally I spam these kinds of comments because they’re boring and ridiculous but since I’m starting to get a lot of boring and ridiculous comments, I’m using yours an example to show people how not to comment on my blog.

      If you think a male can magically turn into a female by removing his penis and constructing a cavity where the penis once was, then you have no grasp of reality, don’t know the difference between sex and gender, and I can’t engage with you.


      • On the one hand, you have politics, and on the other you have morality.

        Politics says legally that person is a woman and should be able to fight other women.

        Morality says that person was born a man, and should only fight other men.

        I was never one for politics.

        The interesting thing to note here is that the day before this person got the surgery, he would have not been allowed to fight other women regardless of how long he was a “she” before the official snip.

        That’s why I have to side with Ann on this one.

        Injecting hormones into your body, losing a little muscle mass, cutting off your penis, and shaping what’s left into a makeshift vagina does not make you a woman.

        It makes you a man who wears makeup and intentionally lost his penis.

        You know what makes you a woman?

        Being born with ovaries, a real bleeding vagina, and the inherent ability to make a man want to slap the shit out of her.

        On the flip side, you know what makes you a man? Not slapping a woman no matter how bad you want to.

        So taking that into account, I do agree this person is not a “man”, but “he” is not a woman either.

        Males are tougher than females by nature. It’s how we were designed.

        Cutting your penis off doesn’t make you any less able to take a punch from a weaker person.

        And doesn’t make your punch hurt any less. (Though you could be right, the muscle mass may have dropped a bit. But according to this article, not by much.)

        Don’t get me wrong.

        If Mike has a sex change and asks to be called Mary, I’ll call “her” Mary out of respect.

        But if “Mary” decides to beat up on other girls in front of me claiming it’s a harmless cat fight then “Mary” is gonna get knocked the fuck out like Mike.

        It’s out of courtesy and respect that we allow people to think they are changing genders by adding and taking away certain parts, not a birth right. Because rightfully He’s a man by birth. This courtesy should not be abused to cheat the system and have an advantage in a competition. Especially like this.


      • You believe in some very strange macho BS. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt a desire to slap a woman. Not even the ones I can’t stand. Also, most women I know can take me, due to the fact that I’ve never been particularly involved in physical activity. And I guarantee all of those female MMA fighters could probably take you.


    • Feminism is not about it being “okay to be feminine”. You must have gotten Feminism confused with beauty magazines, or possibly The Oprah Winfrey Show.


    • Nope. Telling someone they have to be in a female body because they act feminine is the real chauvinism. And someone convinced Fallon of this at some point because he didn’t come to that conclusion on his own. In a culture that let people express themselves any damn way they wanted, it never would have crossed his mind.

      One of the arguments used to prop up transgenderism is the Native American concept of “two-spirits.” Well, I read a really interesting essay a while back by a Native woman pointing out that the only tribes in which you find the two-spirit concept are those in which men and women are expected to live according to rigid gender roles. You do not, for instance, find two-spirits among the Navajo/Dineh, but you do find them among the Lakota.

      Well, DUH. (And I smacked my forehead for not wondering about that sooner.)


  3. According to the reports, I’ve seen around this, the lack of testosterone, and the taking of estrogen, makes a male body on par with a female body, in terms of muscle mass, strength, etc. Are there any studies that contradict this? The average male is usually much taller with greater bone density than the average female, right? Taking estrogen doesn’t change these things, does it?


  4. The endocrine system is the LEAST understood in human physiology. Even science barely understands the interactions and effects of the hormonal system (either natural or synthetic.) So until we have any scientific evidence that biologically women and men are the same; it’s safe to say; men who were born men are men and women were born women are women; DESPITE what they “KNOW”/WANT as individuals.

    (I internally know that I should’ve been Angelina Jolie. Society, dang it, was unanimous in deciding I am not. Fortunately I’m sane enough to admit that no amount of plastic surgery is gonna make me Angelina Jolie!)

    EVERY olympic/professional sport is segregated by gender (except equestrianism); and even some events are regulated by weight class. (And steroids are illegal for all the obvious reasons.) If the odds are stacked; then it’s not a “sport.”
    Also, bringing in “ringers” (an athlete fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event) is illegal.

    And THAT’s just the established “sporting” aspect of this article…
    Notwithstanding “women’s reality” or opinions regarding trans men infiltrating women’s spaces; it seems very cut and dry and the dude should be stripped of his status and recognition and be labeled a fraud and a cheat.


  5. This is the most disappointing thing I could read on International Women’s Day. It just goes to show how shallow modern feminists have become, and how unwilling they are to look past their own experiences.


  6. Dr. AnnMaria De Mars (Ronda Rousey’s mother) did not win an Olympic medal. She was the first American (male or female) to win the World Judo Championship.


  7. I spent quite a bit of my childhood “being” a pony. I’m a lot bigger now, but I still wouldn’t stand a chance in the Kentucky Derby.


  8. You know what doesn’t change no matter how many hormones you inject, or how many surgeries you have, or how much toxic petroleum products you slather on your face for “beauty”? That pesky Y chromosome. You were born with one, you’ll die with one. That’s your sex. Gender is just the costume.


  9. A problem. The term “violence against women” is used to denote women being the victims OF violence. This is a fight sport, IE women participating IN violence. There is absolutely no evidence that Fallon intentionally did all of this just to hurt women. Such an accusation ignores a lot that makes that incredibly unlikely.

    First, sex reassignment surgery. It is quite extensive. To even qualify, you need to undergo psychiatric evaluation that includes living as a woman, including taking estrogen supplements & androgen blockers, for a year.

    Related, when it is all done, people may have no reason to suspect that anything is amiss. Look at Ronda. She was convinced that she was fighting a woman, albeit an extremely talented one, & had no problem until she learned that Fallon was trans.

    Now, I don’t know the conditions under which Fallon was “outed,” but since you say that she outs “himself,” I am inclined to believe that it was intentional. Which makes it unlikely that she was trying to run a scam.

    Thus, it seems to me more like the issue is not disclosing her transgender status, knowing that MMA fighting has strict sex-segregation policies, regardless of whether or not those are justified.

    It is a particularly unfair emotional argument to say that Fallon was “paid to knee a woman in the face.” Knees-to-the-face are a legal move in MMA. Fallon could have been kneed in the face during her fights as well.


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  12. Reading this article made my blood boil! Only in a true patriarchy, would a MAN be able to beat the shit out of a woman! This is outrageous. It is not right to pair two fighters together this way! Boy, the man freak must love his job. In my opinion, he is too old to be fighting women at all, but women ten years younger!? He should be fighting men, but obviously, he is too afraid to. Ann, you are not a bigot, you just tell it like it is. A man can’t just throw on some fake breasts, get female hormone shots, grow their hair long, and be considered a woman. If I were a fighter, I’d refuse to fight the bastard, and cause an uproar…It amazes me how far the patriarchy likes to see us as women suffer. Will it ever end?!


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  14. well he got knocked out by Ashlee Evans-Smith so hes not invisible and he would get crushed by someone like Cris Cyborg who is far better then smith


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