Scottish Transgender Alliance Endorses Rape

I’ve talked elsewhere about how I define rape. It’s not “forced sex”, it’s the violent enforcement of women’s status as sex class enacted by males against females. The sex-positive (anti) feminists don’t agree with me, of course. According to them, anyone can rape and rape is when one person forces or coerces another person into having sex with them. For the purposes of this post I will use the this ‘PC’ definition because sometimes you have to address an ideology on its own terms and also because it exposes how full of shit it actually is.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance has filed a petition with the Home Office demanding that Scotland’s courts stop jailing people who lie about their trans status to their sexual partners. Over 2,400 people put their names on this thing. The Scottish Transgender Alliance argues that a person’s “gender history” is their own personal medical history and they are not obliged to disclose anything to do with it.

I’m confused as to how this sits with the sex-positive ‘informed consent’ rhetoric. ‘Informed consent’ is a somewhat redundant term; it simply means that consent is given based on a clear understanding of the nature, implications, and future consequences of an action. That, in essence, is ‘consent’. Consent must be informed or it isn’t true consent.

Lesbians, when they consent to sex with female partners, are doing so on the understanding that they are definitely not going to become pregnant. This is obviously not a reason to be a lesbian in itself but, depending on your perspective, it’s one of the perks. If a lesbian ‘consents’ to sex with someone she thinks is reproductively female but that person is actually reproductively male, that lesbian has not given informed consent. She has not been given enough information with which to make her decision. Women need to know the reproductive capacity of a potential sex partner so they can decide not to engage, or take steps to protect themselves.

When a trans person deliberately withholds their biological sex from a sexual partner, they are not giving that partner all the information they need in order to legitimately consent to sex. This is rape.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance is propping up and promoting rape culture.

“Gender history” is irrelevant here. We need to know the sex of the people we’re having sex with because, hello, pregnancy. Legislation which allows males to lie about their sex in order to obtain consent contravenes women’s bodily autonomy. The Scottish Transgender Alliance thinks that the feelings of trans persons override women’s right to say no to sex with males. This is compulsory heterosexuality.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance is propping up and promoting compulsory heterosexuality.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance doesn’t give a shit about women, they don’t give a shit about lesbians and they don’t give a shit about any potential unwanted children that are born as a result of the completely un-lesbian sex that trans women have with females. Unless those children turn out to be trans and then, by God, the Scottish Transgender Alliance will fight for their right to fuck whoever they damn well want.

12 thoughts on “Scottish Transgender Alliance Endorses Rape

  1. Le hello, Ann Tagonist. It seems to me that you are grouchy. With that le said, there is only one cure for grouchiness.

    And it’s VERY radical.


  2. Hi Ann. You are so tight! I also want to know the disease history of potential sex partners, and if they are carrying microbes that might infect me, they better damn disclose even if I’m too busy to ask.
    And hey, how about those transwomen on online dating sites, coyly hinting at the nice surprise waiting for the 2nd date. Dudes do gay panic murders. Maybe lesbians should take that up.
    Don’t disclose, don’t take off the clothes.


  3. “I’ve talked elsewhere about how I define rape. It’s not “forced sex”, it’s the violent enforcement of women’s status as sex class enacted by males against females.”

    Do I understand correctly that you believe a man can never be raped, and that a woman can never rape? If so, please could you expand upon that? (A link to another post where you discuss it would be great.)


  4. If a trans woman has undergone SRS, i.e. has a vagina, she is incapable of impregnating someone. If she hasn’t, i.e. has a penis, it would be quite easy for her partner to tell that she could impregnate them based on simply seeing or feeling her anatomy.


    • I can think of several instances off the top of my head in which a man with a penis could successfully manage to trick a young, or inexperienced, or drunk lesbian into penetration with a penis.

      Also, cutting off a penis and turning it inside out does not a vagina make.


      • What you call “trickery” here, I call rape. “Tricking” someone into penetration is rape no matter what the gender identity of the person with the penis might be. Gender identity is irrelevant in such a situation. Rape is rape.

        As for your second point, whatever you want to call a post-SRS set of genitalia, post-SRS, a trans woman cis not physically capable of impregnating anyone.


      • That is exactly the point of this post. The Scottish Transgender Alliance endorses rape.


      • If the woman is too drunk to know what a penis is and that women don’t have them, she’s too drunk to be having sex. I’m not a lesbian, but I’m pretty sure if I was one, I’d know the difference between a strap on and an actual penis.


      • You mean that man is raping her.


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