Frankenstein Meets The Handmaid’s Tale

Not content merely to convince us that their penises are female and that heterosexual intercourse can be a lesbian activity, trans activists now consider casually musing on harvesting women’s vital organs on social media sites a worthwhile, activisty thing to do. Look.


Pretty creepy right? But it’s not entirely unexpected. This is a man who published his own personal information on the internet in order to implicate and incite hate upon a woman. A man who vows to  ‘take down’ a donation-funded rape crisis centre because it doesn’t cater to men. There is literally no depth to men’s depravity and their willingness to treat women and their bodies like chunks of animal flesh is never really all that surprising. It’s still shocking, of course, but it’s not surprising. It’s been a long time since I’ve been surprised by men’s behaviour. I am, however, sometimes still surprised by women’s.


This young woman has been so colonized by third wave doublespeak that she has no concept of how important her own female organs are. She is prepared to take the risk of reduced orgasmic capacity, the potential for lifelong stabbing vaginal pain, the shifting of all the surrounding organs to fill in the missing space, and all for what? So a man can really truly feel like a woman? This isn’t all that different to the guy who goes raking around women’s rubbish bins to find used tampons to shove up his arse. These men want to literally consume us and they have willing volunteers in young women like Meredith. It’s not enough to have women be reproductive vessels any more. No, men want to remove women’s capacity for reproduction and install it in themselves. And women are instantly jumping on board and calling it choice.

Okay. I support your choice to wreck your body. If you want to remove a perfectly healthy kidney and throw it in the bin, then I support your right to do that. I also support my right to write on the internet that I think that’s a really fucking stupid thing to do. Similarly, if you want to cut out your perfectly healthy uterus and hand it over to some narcissistic pervert with a history of violent behaviour, then I’m not going to stand in your way. I am gonna say, on my blog, on the internet that I think the guy who takes a living woman’s uterus, even with her ‘consent’, is a psychopathic, criminally insane nutjob who has no business being around any woman ever.

It does beg the question… what do trans women want uteri for? Do they want to get pregnant? Can’t they just identify as pregnant like these guys?


I am totes young enough to get pregnant, you guize!


Childbirth? Pfft. I waxed my chest for this.

As Adrienne Rich said, motherhood and lesbianism are unique experiences of being female. It makes sense that these would be the things autogynephiliacs latch on to.

Women: these are the men that you are prioritizing when you call your feminism ‘trans inclusive’. All over the world, women are being forced into pregnancy. Rich white western couples are renting out the wombs of poor brown women in developing countries for their rich white babies. There is no country in the world where women are completely unrestricted when it comes to abortion access. As you are reading this blog post, women are dying of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Women are being forced to terminate wanted pregnancies by abusive partners. Women are being forced to terminate wanted pregnancies by their government. Is your number one priority really to have major life-changing surgery so that a man can act out a Frankenstein type fantasy? Really?

We are bringing up a generation of girls who are willing to give men everything they have. We have girls and young women who are so ignorant about what a woman is that they just believe men when they tell them it’s a feeling you have deep inside you. It hasn’t occurred to these girls that women are female people because they have no sense of authentic self.  They don’t know who they are. They have no wants or desires that are independent of pleasing men and they don’t even know it. In fact they would vehemently protest it whilst twirling their nipple tassles at the local burlesque night.

So how do we rectify this? Can we? Should we? Is it worth it?  Are we beating our heads against a wall with these women? Have feminists lost already? I don’t know the answers to any of those questions but I don’t feel optimistic since I just witnessed a young woman offering to cut her uterus and cervix out of her body so a man’s feelings of womanhood could be validated and barely anyone batted an eyelid.

18 thoughts on “Frankenstein Meets The Handmaid’s Tale

  1. dear sister, this is heartbreak at a new level. i share your anguish and am deeply grateful that you chose to share your agony with your sisters.

    when you reach out, it is my joy to respond with a loving embrace. know that your screams are absorbed by our shared wails. we cry together.

    when i grieve, i prioritize and deepen my self-care to power this process. may i inquire as to the quality of your self-care practice, and if you plan to modify it to respond to this fresh wounding.

    this was the only authentic and loving response i am capable of offering. when i heal i will revisit your insightful questions and respond if any insight glimmers.

    i love you. please take care of yourself in a way that befits such a highly favored majestic sister.

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  2. This is terrifying. Luckily its not possible because the male body rejects a uterus. Their anatomy will always be male but I fear for the poor prostituted women who are targeted by organ harvesters, butchered alive for their organs to be sold on the black market. That means they will target our utersus next. I remember on twanzphobic since forever they were talking about this. It’s not a good thing. HOWEVER if it ever gets to the point dudes are able to have a MANufactured pregnancy it will not last long because even the most masochistic female fetishist man is too weak to go through such a stressful life threatening event. Men have been fed the lie their whole lives that birthing and raising children is somehow easier than working a ‘normal’ job when that is bullshit.

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    • I think you underestimate how being pregnant and giving birth would validate a male transgender as bona fide to himself and everyone. If it were possible, it would happen epidemic in proportions. And if such a thing were possible, it goes without saying all kinds of other mods would be going on as well (‘You want to pregnate *and* keep your penis? Yes, miss, of course we accept Diner’s Club Card.’)

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  3. I think it is worth it to speak out but not if you find it depressing or exhausting. You have to have the stamina for it and if you need a break go for it. It is very sad, but also keep in mind for all we know this creep could make fake Facebook accounts with fake names to tell him the stuff he wants to hear. I am sure its not hard to find a picture of a young woman on the internet to exploit for his fantasies.


  4. There’s not enough vomit in the world that would be an adequate response to this grossness. Fetishising pregnancy is horrifyingly sexist in its premise, and downright disturbing in its execution. I really wish I hadn’t clicked on the flickr discussion page…

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  5. Reblogged this on firewomon and commented:
    The fact that that young woman volunteered her uterus and cervix to an autogynephiliac and, as you say, no-one batted an eyelid is both heartbreaking and horrifying.

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  6. What really scares me, on top f it all? That young woman is pre-med, wishing to become an OBGYN.
    She alludes that she’d donate these organs because of(I imagine) a fear of childbirth bordering on tocophobia.
    Now, an OBGYN with that phobia might actually be a blessing to women, if you think about it.
    But not if it’s partnered with 1- disdain at said phobia to the point of , in jest I hope, volunteering to rip out her own uterus and donate it to a male, but 2- a really frightening level og internalised misogyny that she hates her own uterus that much, and by extension, ours.

    Jeebus. I’m only a ECP, but seeing her tweets mad my blood run cold.


    • Tocophobia, ha. Pain signifies danger/damage to a bodily structure. Phobia = irrational fear. How is the fear of danger irrational?

      It’s the stunting- by men’s regimes- of our natural growth as and functions as a sex to the point that our bodies have increasingly harder times birthing as the species continues. Men knew that’d be the case, hence Genesis.

      Julia Sweeney makes a big deal about how she’s glad her uterus was removed about..idk. 25 ish years ago (in her biographical standup set Letting Go of God). Wonder if some doctor played her for her organs.


  7. Reblogged this on I'M NOT "TRANSGENDER" ANY MORE and commented:
    Autogynephilic narcissism and psychopathy evidently has no limits. “Sophia” and his porn-sick pals cock up yet another plan to exterminate women and enhance marketing opportunities for traffickers. This is utterly disgusting and criminally insane. Very sad that some women would support and hope to enable this nightmare.


  8. This kind of necrophilic fetishism of women’s organs is really disturbing. I actually had a conversation about uternine transplants with a woman last year who was supportive of the trans cult (I think in the Feminism! facebook group) where I was first introduced to the idea that this kind of sick twisted shit is what they were aiming for.

    It makes sense that these men target lesbian feminists (who are for all intents and purposes unconquered women) and also seek to appropriate and infiltrate motherhood. These are two things that a man can never be, this is why they are fighting so hard to “own” these labels.

    Because all men despise women and wish they could just go about this fucking and breeding shit without us there dampening their ardor. Enter the new and improved *trans woman* who is not only is a natural masochist, so won’t complain about how much you degrade her, is also more than willing to play mommy with dead women’s organs.

    Frankenstein indeed.


  9. Great post AT, and yes, it really is frankenstein meets the handmaid’s tale. Just ewww, majorly creepy, these dudes, the whole concept – and so sad that young women get sucked into being ‘trans inclusive’, little knowing that it comes at the expense of themselves. Witchwind’s recent Colonisation (brilliant) post is very much a companion to this one.

    I bring up WW’s post, because she covered body self-hatred that females are socialised into, and this YW (wants to be an ObGyn, really? yikes!) can treat or think of female reproductive organs in such a cavalier manner. It shows how colonised these YW really are. Would the YW have the same attitude to harvest limbs from living people? Because I don’t think so, especially not male limbs anyway. Why can almost everyone see that limb harvesting is wrong, but not women’s reproductive organs – because females are so devalued in this ‘society’ (in actual fact, regime).

    Young women, the ‘trans inclusive’ ones, really need to wake up and smell the (female cannibalism) in all of this. The majority of these M2Ts are indeed creepy middle-aged white dudes indulging their fetishes at our expense (the remainder are just sad, with internalised homophobia, and they should be able to live openly as gay men, not be butchered to appease a homophobic society).

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    • I wonder how they’d feel about donating their old Tampax so Sissy Krystal can shove them up his arse?


      • We should probably make all TIIFFs (trans inclusive idiot faux feminists) read that ‘sissy’ site. Rectums are not like vaginas, and tampons routinely get stuck in their rectums. The concept of used tampons shows the level of stupidity these ‘sissies’ have, given STDs and HIV risks, as well as the bizarre cannibalism aspect. Just how many levels of ‘wrong’ can some idiots do? The list is endless it seems. And their supporters, the TIIFFs, not far behind them – particularly if they are not fully versed on all these aspects. Yet they call us ‘uneducated’… jfc, what a reversal !

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  11. “There is no country in the world where women are completely unrestricted when it comes to abortion access.”

    Nope. Canada and Paraguay.


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  13. Will this ever stop being funny to me?

    No. No, it probably won’t.


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