If Sex Work Was Work

If sex work is just work then UK and EU labour laws should apply, right?

So, in Scotland, the age of consent is sixteen years old. The national minimum wage for a sixteen year old is £3.72 per hour. Young workers – that is sixteen and seventeen year olds – are legally entitled to a 30 minute break for every 4.5 hours worked and they must have a daily rest period of twelve hours. If, however, there isn’t a worker over the age of 18 available who can do the work, and if the work is seen to be both temporary and urgent, these legal entitlements can be revoked.

So, what could potentially happen here in Scotland if sex work really was just work, is that you could have a sixteen year old girl who leaves school and gains employment in a brothel. Almost all of her co-workers are sixteen and seventeen year old girls and they are being paid £3.72 per hour. There’s rarely women around who are over the age of eighteen because the ‘manager’ usually finds some way of sacking them once he has to start paying them more. Since age is a protected characteristic under the Equalities Act and it’s illegal for an employer to fire an employee due to their age, there will likely be accusations of ‘poor service’ as an excuse to terminate contracts.The young workers will be required to do long shifts with no breaks in the face of so many men’s temporary and urgent need to ejaculate into teenage girls.

The manager charges ‘clients’ £50 for 30 minutes of time with a girl of his choosing so the girls only actually see 3.72% of the money that buys her consent. She could be working 48 hour weeks with no breaks and her payslip will read a disappointing £178. At her busiest times, she’ll receive £1.86 for every man who ejaculates into her or on her.

Alternatively, a sixteen year old school leaver could apply for a pornography apprenticeship. In Scotland, a sixteen year old may consent to sex but she may not consent to being videotaped having sex and the footage being distributed. As an apprentice, she will be instructed in the art of performance sex with brothel clients being the benefactors of the training sessions. She will learn how to make her cries of pain sound enough like squeals of pleasure to pass muster. She will learn how to look delighted instead of repulsed when a man old enough to be her father ejaculates on her face. There will be modules on gang bangs, girl on girl, orgy etiquette, and personal grooming. In the second year of the apprenticeship, girls will have the option to specialize in a fetish such as BDSM or double anal fisting. At eighteen, she will be ready to go into the world of pornography and equipped for the most extreme scenarios. At sixteen and seventeen, however, she will be paid the legal minimum wage for apprentices which is £2.68 per hour. She will work 10 hours a day, five days a week, and come away with just under £130 in her pocket at the end of it.

If this sounds ludicrous to you then you know that sex work is not work.

Women have the right to find gainful employment which does not involve having their body used as a masturbatory receptacle. Sex work is not just work.

7 thoughts on “If Sex Work Was Work

  1. Dicks gonna be Dicks. I loves you tho.


  2. I cannot believe that men are trying so hard to claim that prostitution is called. ” sex work!” I would love to see a heterosexual, bisexual, or gay man work in a brothel for a few weeks. I bet you he’d change his tune then! It IS paid rape- plain and simple. Nobody said ” when I grow up, I want to be a prostitute!” I have worked in brothels years ago, and was sexually assaulted. I actually went to the police, and they had pictures of the scum that owned the place and everything. I did a line up, and picked out the right pigs who did it. The other girl was too afraid to go forward. Brothels are depressing, degrading and horrible. The house takes alot of your hard earned money. I was there really trying to pay my rent, bills, and to support my drug habit. I then went on to being an escort. Those days are behind me now, and I have moved on. It was completely underground when I was doing this, but now that it’s more “out there” I get angrier and angrier. Luckily, I am alive, and can write this. Maybe I can help a woman before she gets into this hellish life. Thanks to Rebecca Mott, I have had the courage to write about my experiences…

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  4. I’d also like to point out that if so-called “sex work” was work, then anti-sexual harassment guidelines and laws should apply. So “managers”, “bosses” and “clients” would need to face hefty penalties including termination and jail time if they were to be caught forcing anyone to behave sexually or perform sex acts in order to keep their jobs or to earn their wage.


  5. thats horrible, amnesty must be run by dicks, luckyly never donated


  6. hello AnnT. i dont know if youre still accepting comments on this. if not, no biggie.

    i just wanted to thank you for this post. it strikes home in a lot of ways.

    nobody grows up wishing to become a prostitute. you are so right.

    and if it was “work-work” it would be nice to get sick pay or injury leave

    your article brought tears to my eyes and i just wanted to wrap up by saying i think sex slavery is a much better descriptor, any day.


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